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Administration & Bookkeeping

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring that every detail of your property management is well looked after. With decades of experience, we provide administrative and bookkeeping services all over Alberta.

Maintenance Services

We understand that maintenance is KEY in the longevity and health of your property. We will work with you to build a custom property maintenance plan specific to your needs.

Full Property Management

You need a team that can handle the full responsibilities of managing your property. Key Property Management has built a well rounded team of professionals that are trained to meet all of your needs. From administration to maintenance and care, we have a team member dedicated to ensuring that it is done right!

Our Values


Dedication means many things to us, here are Key Property Management.

We are DEDICATED to the successful management of your property. We strive to build loyal and long-lasting relationships with our clients because we know that when they thrive, we all thrive.

We also understand the value of having DEDICATED professionals that specialize in their field. We want to ensure that every aspect of your property management plan is being handled by capable and experienced professionals. That is why we have built a fantastic team to work side by side with each other to provide you with a well rounded service.


Wisdom is gained through experience and after a decade and a half, we are confident in our ability to walk with you through all of the challenges that might arise in your property management journey.

With legal requirements, accounting, and governance ever changing, it pays to have assurance that all of the requirements are well looked after. Trust experience and knowledge- trust Key Property Management.


You want to know that your property management team is going to do what they say they are going to do. You need commitment, honesty and integrity.

In trusting us with your property, you are not only trusting us with your investment, but you are also trusting us with your future. We take that very seriously! That is why we work hard to build strong relationships with our clients so that we can meet their unique property management needs confidently.

Client Testimonials

"The staff is friendly and communicate well with Owners and the Board. Many Owners have commented on the quality of service they have received from staff. Working with Key, we finally believe that we have a team that will serve the Corporation and Owners well. I am pleased to be able to give an unqualified and unreserved vote of recommendation to Key Investment Property Management Inc. I am sure that they will serve your interests as they have ours."

Terry R. Shewchuk (In Memory)

"We have been with Key Property Management for over 2 years and we are excited to promote their business. We are very happy with the service they provide. We strongly recommend their services."

Don Pike

"Just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of my rental. You were always right on top of everything and quick to get things done. I never had to worry as it was always in good hands. Thanks again for everything."

Jesse Keim

"Key came on as a property manager in the middle of a very large building improvement project. They also came to help us sort out many issues our last managers had left us in. Key has very competent staff who take care of our building maintenance, snow removal, lawn service and monitor contractors who perform work on our property… The office support staff in the office have worked tirelessly putting our financials back together. Its hard to imagine where we may be without their dedication. Thanks to this group, the work of the board has dwindled and allowed us to focus on what boards do."

Del S.

"I have been working with Key Property for over three years and find the company to be extremely professional. Their knowledge of the condominium laws that run our condo is very high. Their staff is also very knowledgeable in all aspects of what duties they perform for us: bylaws, collections, interaction with owners, landscaping and electrical etc. I am very pleased that they are overseeing Creekside and hope they continue for years."

Sandra Morrison

"Key Property has managed our buildings for years. Our properties are always well maintained and any issues are dealt with promptly and professionally. The staff are friendly and easy to deal with. Their competence and care show through in everything they do. We will continue to use them for all of our rental properties."

Bea Boutcher

"Provides counsel vies-a-vie “Condominium Act.” Responds quickly to emerging situations. Provides guidance when having to make uncomfortable decisions. Manages condo affairs in a professional manner. Keeps us on track as a Board."

Brenda S.

"Key Management has been our Property Manager for two years. Karen and Nathan and their staff have been very good to work with. I would gladly recommend them for Manager of anyone’s property."

Gilbert B

"Just wanted to say awesome job done by all!"

Louis W.

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