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Condominium Energy Rebate

I Own a Condominium, Why Don’t I Get the Energy Rebate?

If you are a condominium owner in Alberta, you may be wondering why you haven’t received an energy rebate. With the cost of living, we are looking for savings everywhere- we get it! The truth is, that many condominiums include their power bill in the condominium fees that they charge owners. Meaning that all of…
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Condominium Contributions: What are they for?

Condominium Contributions: What Are They For?

Condominium contributions are a hot topic for condominium owners. What are they? How are they determined? Why do they go up? If I am paying contributions, why did we need a special levy? Every condo owner must pay condominium contributions (also known as condominium fees) to the condominium corporation. These contributions go towards the corporation’s:operating account andreserve fund What…
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Budgets: Why are They Integral to the Health of Your Community

Budgets: Why are they Integral to the Health of Your Community?

Condominium Corporations have unique and complicated financial needs. That is why developing a solid budget and sticking to it is integral to your condominium communities health. There are many considerations when developing a budget that will create long term sustainability to your communities and we will walk through some of the most fundamental aspects that…
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Condominium Information

Condominiums Explained

A condo, short for condominium, is an individually owned residential unit in a building or complex comprised of other residential units. Condo owners share a common space and often pay association fees to maintain the common space, amenities, and other shared resources. Investopedia Condominiums can be either residential or commercial and simply stated, a condominium owner…
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Property Managers

Property Managers: What Do We Do?

We hear it all the time, what do we do as property managers? Take a peek at what some of our roles are in your property management!
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Property Management

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Welcome! Our goal is to not only provide dedicated and professional services to our clients, but we also want to provide you with information that is valuable.
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