I Own a Condominium, Why Don’t I Get the Energy Rebate?

If you are a condominium owner in Alberta, you may be wondering why you haven’t received an energy rebate. With the cost of living, we are looking for savings everywhere- we get it!

The truth is, that many condominiums include their power bill in the condominium fees that they charge owners. Meaning that all of the electricity for their condominium is connected to one meter and charged to the condominium corporation. Unfortunately, as it currently stands, the Alberta Government does not allow eligibility for condominiums with a single bulk meter to benefit from the rebate. This could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy rebates are unavailable to Albertans and condominiums that are paying inflated energy prices.

The good news is that the Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta, along with many of it’s supporters, are actively petitioning the Government on behalf of condominium owners. For more information on the rebate and how it affects you, check out this article.

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