Energy Efficiency: Tips on how to help minimize your properties energy and gas bills!

Keep cozy and have more money in your pockets by taking a few extra steps to make your home more energy efficient!

1. Seal it up!

When weather stripping is damaged and worn down, it can lead to cold air entering the home. This not only makes your home cooler, but it also increases the frequency in which your furnace turns on to heat your space! Replace old and worn weather stripping to save on those heating bills.

2. Change your furnace filter.

Your furnace requires a certain amount of airflow to function optimally. When your furnace filter is clogged with particles, it reduces that air flow and makes your furnace work harder to heat your home. By regularly replacing your filter, you not only make it more efficient but you can also expand it’s lifetime.

3. Reverse your ceiling fan.

Hot air rises, so reversing your ceiling fan to pushes hot air downwards, can help to reduce the amount of times your furnace turns on to heat the home.

4. Automate your thermostat.

Getting a programmable thermostat can do wonders for your utility bills. Setting the thermostat on a timer to turn down the temperature of your home when you are gone or asleep can significantly reduce the amount of times your furnace turns on.

5. Use programmable power bars.

Did you know that things like chargers, televisions, and game consoles draw power even when they are not in use? By investing in programmable power bars, you can protect your valuables from power surges AND save on the power bill in your home!

6. Make BIG changes.

There are investments that can be made in your home to help it’s overall efficiency. Dual paned windows, quality doors, and proper insulation in your home can be great investments. They will make your home cozy and more affordable on a month-to-month basis. Be sure to check out rebates and grants like these from the Government of Canada!

7. Invest in energy efficient appliances and lighting.

Every little bit helps and optimizing your consumption! That includes getting energy efficient appliances and low consumption light sources.

Whether you are making BIG changes or small changes, ensuring the efficiency of your home can help you realize significant savings over the years!