2024: New Year, New Goals!

How do investors and business people seem to do it all? They delegate to the right people! Do you need help with your property management? Call us today!

Have you ever wondered how investors and business owners seem to be able to do it all? Investments, running a business, meetings, product development, being landlords…. it seems like too much for one person. That’s because it is! What is the KEY? Delegation! They hire the right professional for the job so that they can focus on the things only they can do. If you would like your 2024 to be one of progress, moving forward, and setting your mind on where it is most beneficial, perhaps it is time to let the professionals take it from here.

In 2024, let our team of professionals take your property management to a whole new level. Not only can we help you to maximize your investment, but we can also take tasks off of your plate so that you can focus on the things that mean the most to you.

What can our team do for you?

Full Service Condominium Management

Condominium management is time consuming and can come with an overwhelming amount of responsibility. Overlooked details can become timely and costly mistakes and it often requires a firm knowledge of the legal workings within corporations and accounting. That is why we have assembled a stellar team of professionals that excel in their facet of condominium management.

Together, we ensure that all aspects of your condominium management is well taken care of by the respective professionals required. Make us your one stop shop for all of your full service condominium management needs!

*We offer these services all over Alberta!*

Rental Property Management

Key Investment Property Management Inc. walks alongside many landlords to assist them in the rental journey. We are happy to build a plan with all clients that serves to optimize their income, protect their investment, and work with tenants on behalf of them.

Administration and Bookkeeping

There is more to property management than ensuring that the lawn is mowed and the snow is cleared. Details like governance, bylaws, insurance, reports, collections, reserve funds, and more need to be looked after on a regular basis to ensure the protection of your investment. At KIPM, we have built a dedicated team of professionals that ensure all of the important details are well looked after so that you don’t have to.

We are a personable, approachable, dedicated and hands-on team that seeks to provide the best possible service at an affordable fee. Our goal is to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of your property and build positive and lasting relations with our clients. 


We believe that regular maintenance and the proactive upkeep of your property is the best defense against expensive repairs and loss of equity. We want to see our clients maximize their investment and this takes a keen eye to recognize maintenance needs and act promptly to take care of them.

We also know that ensuring a safe environment for our clients and their tenants is more than just esthetic, it is protection from potential liabilities and frustrations. That is why, by leaving your property in the hands of Key Property’s maintenance team, you can be sure that every detail is looked after.

Temporary Property Management and Vacant Property Inspections

Whether you are going on a vacation or you own a vacant building that needs inspections for insurance purposes, we are here to help! Take advantage of our unique short term coverage for landlords that want a back up plan for tenant emergencies. Perhaps you need vacant building inspections for insurance properties, we do that too! Trust our team of professionals to help you today.

Would you like an obligation free conversation with one of our team members to see how we can help you reach some goals in 2024? Contact us today at 780-833-5555, visit us in office during regular office hours, or email us at [email protected] for more information!