2023 Year in Review

If 2023 could be described as anything for the Key Investment Management Team, it would be a whirlwind! We were met with our fair share of trials, much like anyone else in these times, but it was also a time of growth in many ways. Check out how things have evolved for our team this year!

Growth in Our Services

The Key Investment Property Management Inc. team was pleased to announce many new services that went above and beyond our normal property management basics. Additional to our condominium, commercial, and rental management, we have also added expanded to include many other needs in our area!

Temporary property management services are now available for snow birds and landlords that are going to be absent from the Grande Prairie Area for an extended period of time. Key will stay on call for any emergent needs for your rental property, should something arise while you are away.

Vacant property inspections are also now available to property owners who require them. This service is for the commercial property owners who have insurance that requires a periodic inspection of their properties. It can also be made available to home owners who will be absent from the area and require an ‘eye’ to be kept on their properties while they are away.

ALBERTA WIDE administration and bookkeeping are now available for Key’s clients. We can provide an affordable and professional property management experience for Condominium Corporations requiring administrative and bookkeeping services in Alberta. See more information on all of our services here.

System Revamp

Technology has been a growing theme in our office and Key is modernizing all of our systems. This means that we are creating a comprehensive and efficient system to better handle all the needs of our clients. While it has been an long process, we are proud to say that 2024 is going to bring some impressive improvements on how we bring property management to our clients.

Growth in Our Team

With expanded services come an expanded team to ensure that our services remain top notch! 2023 has also brought new team members to our crew which not only grows our service capabilities, but it also brings new fun. We are looking forward to more growth in the coming year as we continue to expand our business!

New Goals

With all of this growth and revamping, the Key teams dreams from 2024, and beyond, are growing accordingly. We look forward to a new year filled with opportunity and expansion, and maybe that includes you!

If you are looking to revamp your 2024, refocus your goals, expand your horizons, and property management is a part of that dream, contact us today. Call 780-833-5555 or email [email protected] to get started!